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An Introduction to Bluestream

Bluestream offers clients a Research and Development service. We would like you to consider a 3 month Initial Research and development service. We wanted to consider £1000 for the full 3 months, if your project is not achieved you do not make any payments or receive payment returned. Projects include innovation advice and we would reinforce you keep your idea confidential and we can work on a confidentiality agreement, which I would ask you to confirm. We would like you to consider a royalties fee on completion of project, again might be instead of the 3 month design fee or a royalty agreement. Patents can take from 1 to 4 years. I would advise finishing most at the end of year 1. You can patent a project yourself, lawyers can take from £1000 to £3000 to design.


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Whats New for 2021

As a professional Researcher, the main goal of my research is to understand how scientific processes are responsible for producing the interactions and measurements observed in the experiments and projects I work on. I use a combination of approaches and technologies specially developed for use in my studies. Learn more about my research and areas of study below.


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Projects and Innovations

Current Projects

Project Titles:

1. Cancer Collapsing (August 2021)

2. Embankment Support (August 2021)

3. Dementia Alteration and Prevention (August 2021)

4. Heart Modelling (August 2022)


Innovations to consider:

1. Road Treatment
2. Warehouse Logging
3. Heart Alteration
4. Road Support (Concrete Slab)
5. Vessel Particle Treatment
6. Treated steel and cover plates
7. Trial project - bridge support
8. Dialysis Machine (Patent in progress)
9. Land Reclamation (Possible patent)
10. Cancer Extraction (Part Georgia model)
11. Soil Probe
12. Braille Tablet
13. Dementia binding (new)
14. Flight Simulation (idea stage)
15. Permeable Pipe Incorporation (part idea)
16. Dedicated traffice
17. Long life road pavements
18. Lymphogram Cancer Study
19. 5th/6th Year Anatomy (August 2021)

Scientist in the Lab

Innovations (Continued)


20. Tumour Targeting
21. Body System and Tank Model
22. Cancer Lung Inhaler/Emphysema
23. Autocad with Engineering
24. Femtotechnology Barrier
25. L4E Project
26. Dementia Medication (tbc)
27. Space fun project (idea stage)
28. Tsunami Modelling (idea)
29. IT support (Initial Designs)
30. Health Insurance (to confirm)


Further Information

R&D work is part copyrighted. Would prefer to arrange confidentialities as well. Copyright is mostly for my innovations.

Scientist in the Lab