World-wide Health Statistics - Is there a link?

Updated: Mar 8

I checked countries in the world to determine if there is a significant link to health and various illnesses and genetic alterations. In the US heart disease is a high statistic, understand a number one killer their. Heart disease is also linked to a high level of sugar in the blood for a long time. Diabetes has been linked to baldness on the crown.

Others mentioned in Africa coloured people are at risk of certain cancers.

Depression for 10 years can have an effect on frontal lobe dementia which is a factor as the lobes are related to emotions, some people mentioned lack of brain stimulation, might be a factor.

Mentioned elsewhere heavy smoking is related to lung cancer. I sourced a chemical which can cleanse tar in the lungs, thought might have relevance to treating, thought inhaler like asthma is used for targeting the swelling of bronichles in the lungs.

Emphemsema has been attributed to the hardening of the Alevoli, makes oxygen passage difficult.

In India they have attributed to high sugars and condiments like Ghee to diabetes.

Watch this space as I hope to make more links

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