Using Anatomy and Physiology to engage youth with research

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

I have studied Anatomy and Physiology and want to reach towards arranging taught classes in various Secondary Schools. I know the person who delivers the material needs to be trained for 1 year in Teaching. The project is a 1 to 3 year project and I would like to look at ways of training part-time towards the qualification or better still arranging for someone to consider, the deliverer of the material like me would be trained to Advanced Higher level in the subject.

The course could be aimed at 5th and 6th year students, following on from Biology material developed in 4th year at the secondary school. I would like to arrange someone to progress via this method and investigate the various funding options available. Like my IT where you can be based on the clients site the teacher is available to travel to various secondary schools.

#Students #science #communityengagement

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