I wanted to consider a L4E idea which is like an extended life project. I know regeneration is in progress with various organization's, even in Scotland. The idea is in progression but could be advanced in a year if all systems mentioned in Anatomy are confirmed possible. The steps are as follows:

1. Coat vessels and nerves so they are protected, want to consider a suspension procedure. Need to consider a type of perforated vessel.

2. Bone marrow is the considered area for blood cells to be developed in the bones, need to consider, magnetic technologies can be developed.

3. Spoke to Sangers but they decided not to help at this time.

4. Like brain treatment the idea, but you can use suspension to alter tissue, again coating the alteration particles.

5. Want to consider using the genome database to find alteration particles like retro viruses, better procedures will prevail but just an initial step.

6. Wanted to consider Femtotechnology treatment on the eyes. Again, open to comments but most are starting points. Know laser treatment can treat cells in the eyes.

7. Considered other procedures like skin and the body clock, know idea might be deemed immoral but wanted initial suggestions.

8. Blood treatment can be used for bone treatment and a possible dialysis treatment.

9. Again, any comments would be appreciated via the contacts page…… want to build on in future.

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