Strange but possible - Genetic and Lifestyle Relation to Parkinsons

Updated: 6 hours ago

I have considered Genetics and relation to Parkinson's. My post here is to give an initial indication of progress. I know Muhamid Ali the boxer suffers from Parkinson giving an initial thought there might be a link between movement and the illness. I know some genetic mutations can be based on DNA interpolation where mutations on the chromosomes is attributed to genetic markers. Others suggested inserting metallic chips in the brain area to tackle the jerking associated with the condition. I wanted to consider similar procedures like Glasgow University used to switch the faulty genes off - but was mainly with dementia. Others suspected the over use of dopamine attributed to progression. The initial idea is to alter the genes in the brain, could be tackled using suspension methods which I hope to detail in a later blog. Others have studied Parkinson's in further detail but I wanted to mention initial considerations, again my answers lie in developing similar procedures in the laboratory which I hope to arrange over the next few months or more.

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