Some base agreed to fund Cancer Project

Base who know James have agreed to upright scan treatment in the last Friday in June 2021 - myself tested as well - they will let me know where nearer the time. Understand might have to use location in London. But the following are ideas copyrighted via the base as well, 5 scanner (some uses - 4 initially) and some future lab tests:

  1. FMRI test to be taken forward (might be used with type of hollowing - tbc end of June 2021). Some procedures are based on lab tests, looking at a second visit. But hopefully can confirm most.

  2. Fluorescent test based on particle variety, uses FMRI as well.

  3. Gold rod and tumour targeting.

  4. Metal Detector, based on teeth xray, sure finds aluminium in the body as well, teeth fillings used to be aluminium as well, if not other procedures to confirm based on this idea.

  5. Flow Scanner - can determine other conditions which have effect with cancer.

  6. Dialysis is part of copyrights, base agreed to help here as well, know James from the base in Bathgate as well. Mentioning working on a proto-type.

The laboratory tests are:

  1. Hollowing with tumour encased, use magnets in the vessel flow. Means the tumour can be collapsed - needs confirmed in the lab. Else attached, lab trials will confirm.

  2. Generic ideas to be used in the lab - hollowing, coating, dissolving and attachment, magnetic suspension, consider alteration and chemotherapy targeting.

  3. Consider other tests in the lab based on hollowing.

  4. Need to consider suspension and dissolving with vessel attachment. Thinking about aneurysms, fracturing and narrowing - can be used in the vessels, lab tests will confirm.

Initial ideas to take forward but want to use an upright scanner, if others disagree can advance in design anyway, will re-visit the lab tests and scanners to confirm.

Working on a prototype dialysis machine, will mention at a later date, mentioned above as well.

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