River and Flood Flow Modelling - Studied at Glasgow University

Wanted to post water engineering technology project from my Master's course at Glasgow University. My assumptions here know GU have their own conclusions. I studied flood plain roughening and river entering mixing between flood plain and localised river. Thought about using pipes with perforated pipes? Can mix perforated with closed, an idea I wanted to consider in the future. My assumptions with different bank angles and slowing the flood plain flow are:

30 degrees - smoothest entry into the river - would be more beneficial with the perforated pipes, wanted to say to CF in Australia as pipes was his idea, mine was the removal downstream.

45 degrees - differing ratios

60 degrees - differing ratios

90 degrees - thought the larger angle dip might slowing the river down, studied in a lab flume but never had time to analyse - was part of GU final year project? Noted letting rivers flood at different areas can have benefits - mentioned seawater and arable land might be an option, with pipes you can take to regions where you might need flooding. Remember toxins and water flow? Buddying geography students can consider steam removal and hydrological cycle, just idea, have my own but would like others to consider contacting with their ideas, best keeping confidential. Trying to think of roughening which is shrubs on the flood plains, again a project others could consider, wanted to get other peoples ideas? Confirming no information is taken from GU, my own ideas and some is in production.

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