Possible Project via Scottish Government and West Lothian Organisations

Trying to arrange a collaboration between various organisations. Asking people who know Karen Miller to help. Understand Angela C will help as well, Angela C works for the Scottish Government.

My initial plan is to connect people at the Brock from Broxburn in West Lothian to consider a part-time course or 15 hour weekly course in Construction. Modules are flexible for various duties on site. Looking for staff say 5 to spare 2 hours a week on top of their initial case load, want students to help at the Brock as well engaging with people who have multiple skills and ask them to consider work placements.

2 hours would be at the Brock, government want me to offer 3 hours a week - main duties would be ACAD at 1 hour a week and hopefully arranging site duties for 50 students. Been asked by the Scottish Government to speak to their general manager at the Brock, want to consider attendees there to consider Adult Apprenticeships, thinking City and Guild. Looking at 3 month placements at various locations in the UK and hopefully the world. Understand Scottish Government want to arrange via my initial details sent to them. Looking to build 3000 homes, been confirmed via the Government. Start date should be summer 2021.

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