Managing Diabetes - Are there options to consider

Updated: Mar 18

I have contacted a company with just a blood stabilizing query, need to keep company confidential as I need their permission to use their details, but most information was out there anyway. I know the glycemic index rates food on a scale, the lower the scale the better the food effect on your blood sugars. Meaning, the food is more difficult to break down so means there are lower levels of sugar surges in the body. I mentioned grapes in the past, just an initial query? Grapes are supposed to stabilise blood sugars after dinner. Know constant levels of high blood sugars can lead to heart disease, mentioned USA has high levels of heart disease, know the various levels of sats in your body has an effect as well. Know there is a sensor out there which can measure your sugar levels during the day. Can help if you are near a low reading which can beep on your device. With other companies I asked them to consider heart modelling - might work. Know life is to be lived but I would say small changes could help. Worked on a heart procedure but very difficult just now. A bald crown has been associated with diabetes. Remember hypos need glucose and monitoring, hypers need hospital treatment, read in First Aid Book. Read a glass of wine moderately with dinner is supposed to be good for the heat, like flavanoids - need to confirm but want to mention just now. Lady from cardiac ward at local hospital said the odd glass of wine every so often was good for the right.........

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