Lung Cancer - Possible approach

Lung Cancer as I have mentioned in other media is attributed to heavy smoking. But understand there are other factors to consider. Some are from other sources in circulation. The lungs are coated with tar from smoking. There is a substance in existence (others could source) which can dissolve the tar from the lungs. No other companies might say its not possible but the procedure seems feasible but the following is possible and is a good starting point. I thought of a type of asthma inhaler and to target the lungs. The tar can be dissolved, but I know particles from other companies the process of locating in the body without surgery should be possible. With asthma the bronichles become swollen (understand an autoimmune disease - but area for others to consider initially). The wheezing is associated with the closing of the bronichles due to swelling, a type of mucus is released, understand the inhaler reduces the inflammation. Others could help but thought about using breathing to hopefully get alteration particles into the lungs, but other ideas could be better. Thought about breathing on each side with using the inhaler, again some information is better than no information? Want to mention symptoms:

A cough for 2 weeks or so, if present speak to your doctor.

Possibly spitting up blood.

Was told feeling lethargic.

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