Leukemia - Possible to target in remission and terminal

Leukemia has been connected to malformations within the bone marrow where most fluid cells are grown. As suggested a bone marrow transplant is possible, I understand part rights are with others but here is an idea to trial. The idea might sound too difficult. I wanted to trial over the next 3 months a project using magnetized particles to coat the bone, the bone marrow would be considered not functioning. You need to coat the nerves and vessels as well. I understand the bone becomes 100% a structural attribute different from its old function. The fluid needs treated as well. Understand an idea stage but I wanted to consider a magnetic device to coat the bones. But for remission also the treatment could be considered. Amyloid is considered terminal but the approach could be considered along with other body functions. Know a body mechanic idea but I am open to suggestions and criticisms with the potential project.

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