Is Anatomy and Physiology for you

My diploma in Anatomy is theoretical based, medical degrees are dealing with dead bodies and various treatments with possible specialised subjects. My course was at an Advanced Higher level but I gained a lot of knowledge of how the body is made up (Anatomy), how the body and systems work (Physiology), not so much Pathology based (Investigating Illnesses). Genetics is covered as well, not advising what to study know Oxford investigate the same and they have investigation labs. Glasgow University has bio-engineering which might be an option, others can decide what they think would be good and you can decide from there. Back then I had to choose 4 or so Universities to see if I was accepted. Glasgow picked me for an engineering degree which was extremely difficult. Both Universities investigate gene therapy. I like my theoretical approach which is with others just now, people who know AT from Scottish Government have confirmed my ideas going forward. Have excellent skills, others have experience and knowledge, but research developing is one of my strong points. Will re-visit this blogg....

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