Early Cancer Signs and Symptoms - A practical Approach?

For future business project ideas, I want to try and work on early cancer detection. I know biopsies and other techniques are considered but I wanted to discuss previous articles I have read along with my own ideas and opinions. Cancer can be related to many situations, for example genetics can be a marker and I believe can be found from the family tree, ie if 1 of your parents obtained cancer there is a 50% chance you will obtain cancer, can be investigated further up the genetic tree. To start with I want to mention some instances. With a brain tumour the optic nerve bulging can indicate swelling in the brain due to the tumour can be found by an eye scan. I also wanted to consider using gold nanorods attached to magnetic attracted iron, the gold should show up in a FMRI scan, I want to consider a collapse procedure as well. Fleshy hands have been associated but I would need to find a link here. Swollen glands at the back of the throat may indicate a brain tumour as well.

Lymphogram cancers are associated with blocked lymph vessels and are mainly depicted with swollen regions in the neck. The lymph nodes are associated with tackling cancer in the lymphatic system, I think faulty cells might let cancer prevail, again others can give their own opinions. Some points need considered in more detail.

A bruise type presentation in the eye could be the sign of eye cancer.

For prostrate and some others like breast cancer getting a screening can help detect. I know some doctors like taking blood tests to investigate if cancers might prevail.

Loose lipids in the blood has been associated to early symptoms, lipid is a type of fat. Cholesterol and triglycerides are lipids. Part of others work but I want to expand on in future blogs.

The US government worked on a chip which could spot 1 in a million cancer cells in the body. I must mention cancer cells can pass the gold nanorods I wanted to use and hence mutate. I also wanted to consider a dialysis machine type of treatment; idea needs confirmed. A FMRI scan is a good option via attaching gold to the tumour and then consider using the dialysis machine you can catch cells possibly attached to nerve cells too. The chip is probably the best idea for finding cancer in the blood, could be based on the loose lipids as well. Think a FMRI scanner and variety of particles could be used for early stationary tumours and associated many procedures could prevail but you could also coat particles and suspend in the body, ideas stage again though.

I would like to consider a type of small-scale metal detector. I know you can use with radar and similar should work in the body with gold rods. The particles attach to the tumour regions and shows in the FMRI scan. I want to consider rotations and gold rods, rods attach to the tumour in the body, wanted to consider like alteration particles, can compound rods with magnetic attracted 5nm particles or magnet attracted rods at 10nm x 41nm, both should be able to flow through the Blood Brain Barrier, procedures have been developed in the past but I wanted to alter the makeup, similar again has been advanced via Dundee University.

With lumps in the body – can depict various cancers.

With ovarian cancers can be treated using a dialysis machine, the cancer cells are extracted from the blood, it is part of Georgia institutes work though.

With tiny marks on the skin they might indicate like leukaemia.

With pancreatic cancer, jaundice might be present and might be a way of testing. Still like thought of attaching and altering, can base on dna testing, I thought of a type of spectrometer device, possible avenue to investigate in the future.

A cough lasting more than 2 weeks is associated with lung cancer, researched heavy smokers are more at risk, know some cancers are genetic related as mentioned? – you can identify from family genetics at an early age as mentioned?

Other factors considered are bleeding in the urine and stools as well as cloudy urine. Sometimes smelly urine is a symptom and can be checked for. A collapse procedure within the vessels is a plan I have worked on and I am aiming for a slow collapse procedure. I wanted others opinion on the subject before advancing.

Wanted to consider magnetic suspension instead of rotations?

To finalise some techniques, need confirmed.

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