Different Cancer Approaches by various Establishments

My new cancer idea is to use suspension and hollowing the tumour. The idea is to alter the cells using the genome, others have mentioned different approaches, know Nanopartz have developed removing all the tumour. I think my procedure should work as well.

Know in the USA at Georgia University they used a dialysis machine to treat Ovarian cancer. The procedure removed 98 to 99% of the tumour. I want to use similar to target leukaemia and other conditions. Know others have mentioned Cervical Cancer and becoming terminal, thought a dialysis machine adaption might work.

Know laser and radiology treatment has been used at Glasgow Caledonian University in Scotland, other approaches have seen laser and vessel being affected, understand true.

Oxford and Glasgow University have used switching genes off, if this procedure is possible, I can use altering based on a suspension idea.

Know Harvard have better particle approaches but mine can be developed in the lab over next few months. They use CRISPR to develop treatments.

Just ideas to consider.

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