Dementia and Memoir Computer Application

Sent initial information to Scottish Government, for them to help.

Guessing not testing the dementia brain for more than 10 seconds uses up less Acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter used in the thought process. Aricept works for some, prevents breakdown of Acetylcholine. Prevents the onset of dementia for 20 years or so? In the dementia brain there is less acetylcholine - would need to confirm. Oxford developed a medication which helped mice make their way through a maize. Thought related to the mind's eye.

Thought meaning of words and sight were the first to be affected by Dementia.

At Dundee University developed, hate to say a little basic, again attenders could work on in the future but know not everyone is interested in computers. Liked considering:

Favourite videos

Favourite pictures

Favourite memories

Other ideas needed to be considered - most with Dundee University

Got told if amyloid is used up the tangles don't form, thought about a procedure to use up amyloid is an idea, others could consider? Others said stride regulation uses up tau, but medication needs designed.

Think dementia is part genetic, some switch the AD gene off, know you need to consider the body as a whole when tackling. Ox and CU considered?

Frontal lobe dementia (lobes are responsible for emotions) is common with people who have suffered depression more than 10 years or so.

Want to consider the computer application more?

Assume amyloid in the CSF determines if dementia is present.

Does the scan pick up aluminium (similar to teeth xrays and aluminium fillings?). Means you can omit the amyloid and on that basis tangles less in brain, know you need to consider body as a whole. NA said not true that plaques were from calcium and tangles from aluminium, but was in a thesis at Dundee University, can still consider on that basis?

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