Cancer Research Worldwide - Relevant Companies

Amsbio - Can use cancer vessel slides in the laboratory, need to consider human brain tissue and mouse brain tissue. The brain tissue is more relevant as I want to change the cancer tissue via alteration, can use genome database, works in theory but other organisations need to confirm. Some are in the USA so I aim to contact over the next few months or so. The US government might help, they also have developed a chip which can find 1 cancer cell in a million, mentioned to others in the past. Good for finding cancers but want to consider tumours in the organ, others will specify biopsies, scanning ideas are excellent ideas.

Nanopartz - similar ideas but I think have better alteration and targeting procedures, ie like using rotation once a month with detection scanners. FMRI can be used every 6 months to search for other relevant pathological conditions. Know Nanopartz can neutralise tissue via their particles, might have relevance but I wanted to use magnetic suspension, attachment, coating and altering particles. Initially you can attach Nanopartz Gold rods (41nm x 10nm) which passes the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB). Can view using FMRI, but you can attach particles to the rods, which links in with other procedures. They can arrange in the blood as well? Worked on something which I initially called tumour collapse treatment. Can use alongside the rods?

Abbotts - I can use magnetic suspension, coating, alteration, attachment and possible poisoning, mentioned previously . But with Abbotts they use a balloon directed to the narrowing artery, has relevance as cancer treatment could fracture the vessel. They inflate the balloon to clear the vessel build up, understand the type of polymer can dissolve over a time period and strengthen the vessel, the incision is made near the groin area. Know other scientists have used laser including key hole surgery, cancer arteries can be affected, again all my procedures can be developed and confirmed in the laboratory and via scanning technology. Hoping to confirm in a maximum of 3 months?

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