Cancer Pallative Care: A new approach?

I liked the bill presented to the Scottish Government by the late Mo McDonald. Her bill was based on euthanasia. I know other opinions are out there but I agree with her idea. But does a future alternative exist. I read an article where people in England cryogenically froze their daughter, I know the technique is possible but again this is an option a family can consider as well. This brings me to my part, most people with cancer the condition can go into remission. Some cancers never return but terminal cancer needs considered and is related to the major organs failing as well. For new readers this is like the brain and heart failing. I wanted to consider alteration particles based on the genome database. Targeted delivery particles have been developed but I wanted to consider my idea which uses suspension and alteration, know other organization's like the MRC in Edinburgh are working on regeneration. Sounds futuristic but I want to develop 2 procedures ran in conjunction, ie you map an organ redevelopment in the laboratory tank as well as at the same time as in the human body, why I would consider tests in parallel. Again need to consider euthanasia and tank modelling as the person could die in agony. To confirm you can test an initial organ in the tank in conjunction with a laboratory procedure.

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