Asking Vue to help with future staff or co-workers

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

The cinemas are my favourite. Nothing better than buying some Nachos and a Cola before watching a new screen release. I am in the process of asking the Vue cinema in Livingston if they would like students to consider a one year career start via West Lothian College or advised from myself. Asking the college to confirm for next year in August 2021, others might fund a career start at Bluestream Research and Development Ltd. Asking funders to sponsor £6,000 each for their help - their families businesses could help fund, they would work for Bluestream Research and Development via client sites and from home as well. Main areas of interest are Multimedia, Social Media, Marketing and Health Sciences. Want to arrange student apprenticeships with final Bluestream Research and Development 2 year training scheme, know some will want to chose Universities. I will consider placements in the summer and if they like applying for a job via the company, need to make sure we are all compatible, why like thought if initial placements.

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