Alternative Technologies book - on target for August 21 Release

On my website I have detailed initial innovation ideas I have but the ones patented or in progress are in the book mentioned here. The book should be 200 A4 pages long. I used others ideas as a basis to what I wanted to include, for example the Fujitsui scanner scans the vessels and compares with the hand on file, if both match the door would open, know others have thought about the eye scan. Gave me an idea to try and model similar but different hand scans. The book discusses my business plan as well as various new ideas. I have included projects from engineering to anatomy. I don't want to mention just yet as some are patents in progress. I asked others to help with the health projects which I hope get recognised in the future. I have 4 other books to consider, mentioned briefly on my website, I know some parts of my web pages need upgraded a little better.......

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