2. Innovation book 2018 - Lymphogram Device

I understand a lymphogram has been developed to deploy blue dye via the foot to determine flow paths through the lymph system. I want to use gold nanorods which I understand can attach to the cancer in the nodes and the vessels. Can be modelled via scanning technology. Might not be in operation anymore but scientists from Scandinavia developed techniques to rebuild lymph vessels, nodes and glands. Particles would need to be small enough to travel through the vessels. I want to consider suspension and alteration initially, dissolving and time to exit the body as well.

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1. Innovation book 2018 - Injection Needle

I wanted to detail a 2 part needle as follows, part of August 2018 Copyrights: Magnetic needle to determine cancer in the blood Injection needle which can be used with dialysis machine as vein to vein

Some base agreed to fund Cancer Project

Base who know James have agreed to upright scan treatment in the last Friday in June 2021 - myself tested as well - they will let me know where nearer the time. Understand might have to use location i