1. Innovation book 2018 - Injection Needle

I wanted to detail a 2 part needle as follows, part of August 2018 Copyrights:

  • Magnetic needle to determine cancer in the blood

  • Injection needle which can be used with dialysis machine as vein to vein connection. Also as Injection needle with timed injections as use for tumour targeting

The magnetic needle can be a possible aider to the chip which can find 1 in a million cancer cells in the body. Know can be expensive but could find a percentage either based on cancer withdrawn from the needle. A percentage is like 1 in 10 cells in the blood, can say if possibility if metasising is possible, can collate with MRI scans?

The magnetic needle is one possibility for collating initial cancer in the blood, could determine if a dialysis blood test is possible, know gold nanoparticles can pass and replicate with extreme nanoparticles, would need confirmed with Nanopartz though.

The vein to vein is like one up and one down, need to consider a pump for extracting blood?

Injection needle can be used to deploy timed injections like a new research and development copyright.

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