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New Cancer Book

I have compiled a book called "Cancer Studies." The book

gives advice on spotting cancer and the different types out

their? I include my initial thoughts on how cancer can be

treated. The book is aimed at people from all disciplines

wanting to read a book aimed at treating and diagnosing

different types of cancer. I make general comparisons.

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Health Investigation and Food Studies

I compiled a book based on examining your diet and your exercise plan. I used previous

information in relation to choosing a balanced diet. I wanted to produce a health book 

but wanted you to make subtle changes as life is mean't to be lived. I choose diets related to helping people keep their marbles well into an old age. I liked mentioning conditions like Dementia and Parkinsons, I know they are horrible illnesses but I try to detail how to tackle.

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Innovative Technologies

I designed some initial Innovations, some good some needing some work. The book will

give you ideas to make your own designs. You can decide if you want to patent your

technologies, but I would suggest confidentialities, most IP Lawyers agree to your request.


My Business Initial Progression

I mention important aspects you should consider when starting a business. I confirm some of my ideas need re-worked but there is enough details here for you to decide how to proceed with your business ideas. I know there are a lot of companies out there but this book gives you a general insight how my business started and could help you with loop holes or difficulties in the future.


My Business Strategy

I have designed a book to describe the routes I was presented with on my long road to part success I say at present, but my books are good and my technologies have purpose. I mention business routes as well as skills from job searching which can help you target a company. Sometimes approaching with your CV and asking an organisation to consider a project idea, I would say get their attention within the first few lines, been told that in the past as well...